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Currently dueling the duties of an adult, Captains Folly deals with the mundane ritual of working and socializing. She's a happy creative person who loves her friends. Occasionally she pursues her hobby of costuming and attending the occasional convention with friends.

At 27 years old she's dealt with her fair share of conflict and drama. As a rule among most livejournals, no drama or you will be removed from Captains Folly friend's list. Captains Folly will not acknowledge drama nor make any for her Friends.

She's currently employed working full time on the night shift and cashing in on her hard work. While children seem far off, she does have her wild spotted domestic feline companion, Wasabi, who shares her bed with her. Captains Folly is currently in a relationship and not looking.

When she's not at work or home she can be found with her friends and boyfriend having a blast.

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