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Their here.

Today I slept and then, <3 well everyone is here. Time for some fun!!!!!!!! I can't wait! going to have a good day tomorrow.

Suck it! I'm making the dream REAL!

So guess what came today? Go on..
So for those of you who have known me and my love for costuming also know that for years I have always had a Star Wars Trooper costume on my list of costumes every year for Dragon Con.
Well its a reality now. The Helmet came in today and the armor arrives tomorrow. The coolest thing is that I've already been working with the 501st and socializing on their forum so its all down to get the armor done.

So yeah after heart ache, comments, and the doubt. I have done it! 

Plus my two other items for the con and that's it.

So yeah! Bonus money ='s AWESOME! 
Plus this awesomeness its looking like some travel and two cons, maybe 3 if I hear something good about Atlanta Comic Con.

This weekend is going to be awesome <3 get to see my best buds and talk con, costumes, art, and EVERYTHING! 

Jealous? ME too.
Work is great and with the change in shifts I'll have more time to do stuff and hang out with my friends and my <3.

NOw back to work.
Finally my house has WIRELESS. Cost me money but everyone can have the internet at the same time. My xbox is happy too. So is the wii, its like "UPDATE!!!!!"

Need the fix my current virius issue on the PC, so I can get back to using it.

One more night and then I'm off Monday night. Fantastic.

I want Chickfila and Japanese food....but its SUNDAY! *cries*

This morning.

Yeah I'm awake....

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Odd things.

Right now I'm eatin at Cracker Barrel by myself this morning and for some reason it reminds of the times I went to Flowery Branch and ate at Cracker Barrel a million times. Odd how after so many times, today I'm reminded of that. Sorry just thinking, having flash backs. Lol. "think I'm starting to show my age".
Besides the odd looks, I'm in my work attire with a badge on And I resemble a zombie :)
Consider it my almost dead attire for the after work dining.

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I don't care.

I'm not going to hide myself from people because I don't like someone. I'm also not going to accuse people of saying thing, stalking, or being hateful about me everytime they say something. If it's not online, or in real life, it's at work.
Wish people would grow up, no one is out to get you, no one cares, and playing ninja is left to the pofessionals.
I love facebook and it's anonymous features, privacy bullhot, and people in general.
Hell the entire social community/network is pretty insane and built on distrust/naive people.
I love my friends, I love I know what their doing and vice versa. It helps to my friends range from local to nation wide. I'm popular :) now to see what's going on FB side.

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Taken from Jezebel News.

"Some of the worst breakups in our lives are not with romantic partners. They are with friends-the people with whom we often share our deepest thoughts. Friends provide guidance, encouragement, laughter and a refuge. Losing a good friend can be one of the saddest experiences in life.

And yet, many friendships just don't last. Some simply fizzle out, victims of routine life events such as moves, job changes, divorce or a divergence of interests."

Omg, its the truth. I had to share this with all of you.

Had my interview. Was told I did a good job so we'll see. 


4 weeks and I'll be hanging out with my BFs :) Steph, I have been ordered to go through my costume collection, if there is anything you want your are more than welcome to help yourself. Kim and Leiko, the offer stands for you too as well. I have some armor bits you might want Leiko.
So I figure we'll go to the art store, Love's Seafood, beach, and anything else we can fit in a day.

I'm so excited.

<3 I need you guys, more than you all know <3

Partied with the kids which was awesome. I love all my friends.
Work is great. Got my interview on Wed for the team leader job. Told to be there early and was told "I'm not wasting my time" by my boss.

Life is doing well. Looking at completing a life goal or two before the end of the year.
Picked what I want the colors of my wedding to be, but I might change my mind. I know I want it outside.

<3 the iPhone so much, its been a life saver a couple of times now.

Costume/art work is doing fine. Commissioned for some more invitations from some ladies at work. My boss even wants me to paint something for him while one coworker wants me to decorate her daughter's room.

YEah life is good.

But I need my <3 friends. You guess are the best and I can't wait to hang out with you the entire weekend, got friday to sunday off. :) <3 Its going to be so awesome!! 

Mar. 18th, 2010

So I feel like crap. Worried about this job interview, already feel like I'm not goin to get it due to several reasons but I'm going to try. Also doesn't help I'm not feeling a hundred percent at the moment.
People I work with not doing half their work and leaving it all for everyone else, yeah it's fair. So now right now I'm by myself back here and there are 10 people on the board to e registered. I'm so glad to be here.
Bah all I can do is try. Right?
I'm letting this all get to me when I know I have what it takes to be a leader. All I can do is try and not let stupid people and their comments get to me.
I'm a superstar :)
I'm awesome.
I'm a better person all around.
I'm prettier. Lol.
I'm more of a people person.
I care, to much.
I guess I have just as much of a chance as anyone else to get this position. I just have to show all the qualities that make me a good reliable person.

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