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This week...so far.

So the last couple of days left on night shift before I move to a more normal schedule of 3-11. Not sure how normal it is but I have overtime. I'm fine with it alittle grumpy with the lack of weekends off but its all good.

Working on my armor, slowly. Need to go and purchase some stuff to get started and kinda hoping my dad will be around to help me a little.

Right now, I have killer allergies and what the nurse thinks is a cold. I have a slight fever but since we are already short staffed, I'm stuck. Yeah for two people calling in.
I should have called in but well I'm responsible and while I feel like I'm drowning and my head is about to explode, I'm good.
Started working out again. Work has a incentive program for people who make life decisions to stay healthy and fit. Like insurance discounts and other pretty cool things. First goal is small 5 pounds. No I'm still going to eat meat, there will be no organic/vegan/vegetarian bullshit here. Going to do this the right way not the desperate way.

So far since the last time on Wii fit I dropped 5 pounds, not sure I trust it since well its Nintendo. LOL.

My goal is to rock it like hottie :) <3 well maybe an amazonian like wonder woman. Why cause well me and her, kinda the same body shape and hell she's awesome.
Bonus to the next week is training stuff, followed by my physical at Employee health. I'm so excited.


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Apr. 22nd, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Can't wait to see the armor once complete! GEE!

And also, good luck with the weight droppage. I know how it feels -_-. Its hard for me to lose weight. I don't even know how I lost so much this past year, besides switching to eating only turkey and chicken and not beef, and switchin from tv dinners to cooked dinners, high calorie fruit drinks to water and tea, etc.
Walking and the AB Lounge might have helped too! :P We wanted Wii Fit for a long time. We tried it at Berg's sisters house and it really is a mega work out!

Good luck!
Apr. 22nd, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC)
I agree in not cutting out meats. You need protien and thats the best way to get it.

My cousin Ann is vegan. She has a diabetic daughter, Hanna. Hanna was born with diabetes.. .and should have medicine. But Ann wont let her have it, saying its wrong to give her insulin. >_> Honestly I think Ann's nuts.

Ive been actually reading some stuff on what happens to you when you remove meats from your diet. majority of the ppl basicly go a bit bonkers. The bodys starving for certian minerals,vitimins and protiens... and nomming on just plants and tofu for a diet dosent cut it 100%. When I find the articles again I'll give the links.

Though Im not knocking vegeans and the like. Its their decision to choose that style.
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