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To Battle

So this morning I spent it at work sitting at my computer for whatelse, Marriott Passkey Reservations. I guess after my crappy year last year I was able to get not one but two rooms. You heard me my badass typing skills paid off and I was able to score the second room. Not saying much since my first room is from Thursday to Monday with the second room being Thursday to Sunday. Shouldn't be to hard to add Monday considering I added thursday in July before con this year.

SO yeah I have my badge and my room, no just my costumes then its off to CON!

Our group needed 4 rooms we ended with 3 1/2. One room is from Friday to Saturday.

We are going to keep checking off and on, but both my friend and my dad ended up on hold for over 20 mins to be told the block was sold out in 10 mins. Totally a new record if you ask me. BTW, the Hyatt goes up October 14.

Good luck to everyone, I'm just happy I got my room. :)

D*C Countdown

So I have a few things left to do before Thursday.
Today I need to go to the costume store to get some things for everyone who can't make it out to the shop. I work a mile from the place so my lunch is going to be spent at the musty old shop.
Then I get my hair dyed which I am going to try my to get her to dye my whole head. Plus all the stuff I left at home that I need. Man, I wish this day would end soon. 

My Dragon Con friends, please read.

This was posted on the 501st Forum: Attention Dragon Con attendees.

The following has been reported to the FBI and D*C Security office today (Thursday August 11, 2011). A person by the name of "Jonathan Barron Williams" of Jackson, Tennessee has been sending threatening messages via facebook to select D*C attendees and possibly D*C related forums.

The following message by Williams has been forwarded to the FBI Atlanta field office as well as the D*C Security office:

"They deserved it. So do the people here, thats why Im going to do the things I plan on doing. It's not you're fault, I've been this way for a long time. So don't go blaming yourself when I make national headlines after dragon con. I'm not stupid, I know things won't get better for me. I'm 28 and I don't have any real anything. The signs have always been there, I've just been in denial. Please don't feel like you had anything to do with it. I promise you aren't at fault here. You could offer to be my real friend and I'd still kill them. It's my destiny and my choice. I'm bored with life. Killing people is the only thing that interests me these days. Sorry, thats who I am. Not even you can change it. I'm going to kill anyone thats ever spread a rumor about me, then I'm going to shoot people at random until the cops kill me or I kill myself. They made their beds, now they can die in them."

Again, this is not a drill. This is not a joke. Please be careful and if you see any information pertaining to this person on the various forums you frequent or on any facebook posts, please forward the information, IP address, ANY information regarding this individual to the FBI field office in Atlanta and the DragonCon office.

FBI Atlanta Office:
2635 Century Parkway N.E.
Suite 400
Atlanta, Ga 30345
Phone: 404.679.9000
email: atlanta@ic.fbi.gov

DragonCon Office:
Phone: 770.909.0112
Ask to speak to someone in regards to a security concern.

Please be careful out there. Always be on watch. Always watch out for each other.

Aug. 28th, 2010

Leiko, I need to pay you for the tautan. I wasn't sure if you were interested in going to the Aquarium but I'd happily get you a ticket :) Maybe...

Philly trip

So the trip was awesome in the beginning but now I feel like a third wheel. From the night we got to Philly to the moment we left it's been the katherine show. I don't understand the excitement to meet her. Not only did the gloryofwar girl we met, Kitt, made her and Kat matching aprons but the people we were meeting gave her a care package of shit. I should have just stayed home is how I feel right now.
Like she has Shit to stay about everything and how she does P90x. Even though I gave it to her. All sorts of shit she is
The authority about. I sew, she does not. But she had to talk about it with Kitt. It's stupid to be upset but I am. I
Tried to tell Tommy but it's not like it did anything. Like our trip
To DC is once again being planned by Katherine. Our return visit will be without her. Sorry for the rant but damn it's
Like I don't exist. So I'll just be quiet and listen to my headphones.

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Jul. 25th, 2010

So anyways, I'm in the middle of packing and sewing. Philly is next week. We leave Thursday in the morning and come back home on the 3rd of August.
I can't wait.
In other news, lots to do in the next couple of days.

3 more days of week.
Its official I am in the 501st. TC 3058.

I achieved my goal, thanks to my dad and my fiancee. Suck it everyone who said I'd never make and never get it done.


This week...so far.

So the last couple of days left on night shift before I move to a more normal schedule of 3-11. Not sure how normal it is but I have overtime. I'm fine with it alittle grumpy with the lack of weekends off but its all good.

Working on my armor, slowly. Need to go and purchase some stuff to get started and kinda hoping my dad will be around to help me a little.

Right now, I have killer allergies and what the nurse thinks is a cold. I have a slight fever but since we are already short staffed, I'm stuck. Yeah for two people calling in.
I should have called in but well I'm responsible and while I feel like I'm drowning and my head is about to explode, I'm good.
Started working out again. Work has a incentive program for people who make life decisions to stay healthy and fit. Like insurance discounts and other pretty cool things. First goal is small 5 pounds. No I'm still going to eat meat, there will be no organic/vegan/vegetarian bullshit here. Going to do this the right way not the desperate way.

So far since the last time on Wii fit I dropped 5 pounds, not sure I trust it since well its Nintendo. LOL.

My goal is to rock it like hottie :) <3 well maybe an amazonian like wonder woman. Why cause well me and her, kinda the same body shape and hell she's awesome.
Bonus to the next week is training stuff, followed by my physical at Employee health. I'm so excited.



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